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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sanity Check

Do you ever wonder why this phrase was even coined?

Well let me tell you why.  My last post was 2013.  Incredibly so, it was about Miley "freakin'" Cyrus.(I am so doomed). However, that is justified silence between massive attacks of depression and gulping down medication because I am so naive to believe in the promise of Pharell Williams' music that claims I should "clap around if you feel like happiness is the truth..."  

As reality would have it, I lost my Mom last April.  Most people would believe and claim that if you have lived over eight decades, maybe it's time you moved on to a larger universe.  I don't make the rules around here, I just flow with the quintessential definition of mortality.

And to-date I have managed to have wrapped myself once again, with the oddities of life in the fast lane of 'work' and corporate life.

I need to breathe. Sometimes going with the flow is just that, going with the flow. 

I would like to believe I am capable of stepping back and watching the world and the confusion of everyday living and laughing at the level of increasing stupidity of humanity. And being true to what I believe in, I take to my Blog.

But we all need time. Time to grieve. Time to rejoice. Time to think. Time to act. We don't give ourselves enough time to do any of these things that are important. We allow time to limit us. Instead of embracing Einstein's theory of relativity, we allow ourselves to become victims of having "not enough time." But we do have enough time. We have a lot of time to complain, to bitch, to bully, to ridicule, to hate, to do just about anything we can imagine and allow ourselves to do. Certainly, there are things we give more time to. We have enough to spare to do sanity checks.

I lost my Mom and whilst I will forever miss her, I know that wherever the next dimension is, she is in a happier place where lesser mortals like us only dream about. She could even be with my Dad and that to me is a happier place for her. So I deliberately clocked myself to move on and miss her, instead of grieve her loss.

I decided that maybe it's time to get my silly ass in shape and my grey matter to better use and took to working. So I have given myself enough time to think and act on things that I know well.

I have been talking to myself lately and losing all the arguments with me. 

Today, I am giving myself time to do a sanity check. Why should I do that? It's simple. Besides the basic premise that I just want to, it protects me from further harming myself from stupidity that I see happening everyday to people who don't give themselves enough time. There are a few things that are important and that matter to me. And there are a lot of things that are important, but they don't really matter. 

Sanity check. Done.


  1. Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope this Blog provides a useful outlet for you and that you don't post about Miley Cyrus in the near future.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. It is nice seeing you back. You are missed.

  3. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm also very glad to see you back writing - I missed your posts.