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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sanity Check

Do you ever wonder why this phrase was even coined?

Well let me tell you why.  My last post was 2013.  Incredibly so, it was about Miley "freakin'" Cyrus.(I am so doomed). However, that is justified silence between massive attacks of depression and gulping down medication because I am so naive to believe in the promise of Pharell Williams' music that claims I should "clap around if you feel like happiness is the truth..."  

As reality would have it, I lost my Mom last April.  Most people would believe and claim that if you have lived over eight decades, maybe it's time you moved on to a larger universe.  I don't make the rules around here, I just flow with the quintessential definition of mortality.

And to-date I have managed to have wrapped myself once again, with the oddities of life in the fast lane of 'work' and corporate life.

I need to breathe. Sometimes going with the flow is just that, going with the flow. 

I would like to believe I am capable of stepping back and watching the world and the confusion of everyday living and laughing at the level of increasing stupidity of humanity. And being true to what I believe in, I take to my Blog.

But we all need time. Time to grieve. Time to rejoice. Time to think. Time to act. We don't give ourselves enough time to do any of these things that are important. We allow time to limit us. Instead of embracing Einstein's theory of relativity, we allow ourselves to become victims of having "not enough time." But we do have enough time. We have a lot of time to complain, to bitch, to bully, to ridicule, to hate, to do just about anything we can imagine and allow ourselves to do. Certainly, there are things we give more time to. We have enough to spare to do sanity checks.

I lost my Mom and whilst I will forever miss her, I know that wherever the next dimension is, she is in a happier place where lesser mortals like us only dream about. She could even be with my Dad and that to me is a happier place for her. So I deliberately clocked myself to move on and miss her, instead of grieve her loss.

I decided that maybe it's time to get my silly ass in shape and my grey matter to better use and took to working. So I have given myself enough time to think and act on things that I know well.

I have been talking to myself lately and losing all the arguments with me. 

Today, I am giving myself time to do a sanity check. Why should I do that? It's simple. Besides the basic premise that I just want to, it protects me from further harming myself from stupidity that I see happening everyday to people who don't give themselves enough time. There are a few things that are important and that matter to me. And there are a lot of things that are important, but they don't really matter. 

Sanity check. Done.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Miley's Twerking Balls

It is close to 60 days now, post that controversial and much ballyhooed VMA Awards performance of tween icon, Ms. Miley Cyrus.

What's my piece on it? Absolutely nothing.

I was just having a casual conversation with some girlfriends a couple of days back. And you know how we girls love to talk about anything. Technically, we just love to talk. Sometimes simultaneously and incessantly. And covering expansive breadth and depth in 10 minutes.

Until one of the girls quipped, "Did you see Miley Cyrus? What the hell is wrong with her?"

I could have chosen to ignore that question since I don't give a wet monkey's ass about Miley, but like I said, it was loose talk, y'know.

So I responded rather dryly with; "Y'mean besides being the fugly version of Billy Ray?"

I realized she was referring to the 2013 VMAs (and if you happened to have missed that, you can catch a re-run on Animal Planet, #matingbaboons); I found that our conversation has moved from irrelevant, like comparing a horse's dung  to cow's crap; to totally inane: Miley Cyrus.

Inset shows Taylor Swift's reaction (Dafuq?)

I took the unpopular stand of saying I did not see anything wrong with her cavorting and twerking onstage, nor did I find her stripped naked and licking irons of any particular import in her latest video aptly titled, "Wrecking Ball".  Ergo, the conversation progressed to animated debate.

Screen capture from music video

My point being, unless we will consider ourselves idiotically expecting any better, Miley is a Hollywood by-product. Born within the decade of selfies; social networks that can bully people to commit suicide; a generation that believes they can't be wrong because they know everything; Disney-bred and all that jazz. I mean, if by any lame chance you expected to see an Audrey Hepburn up there, surely you are not of this planet. Seriously? Did you?

It is unfortunate that some parents, mothers included, encouraged their young girls to idolize Disney's "Hannah Montana" and dreamt their babies will grow up to be as rich and possibly as sick as the actor playing it. 

There's nothing wrong with the kids, yet there is something completely wrong somewhere in the parenting. It was a Disney TV series role and that's about the beginning and end of it... just a role. Perhaps what the audience is seeing now is the real Miley Cyrus, her artistry, her music, her soul. Yes, it is rather disconcerting bordering on creepy, but Miley Cyrus isn't Hannah Montana.

Of course there is something totally warped about how Miley (whose real name is ironically Destiny Hope, har de har har snort snort!) turned out to be from that little girl growing up in a farm somewhere in Tennessee. You don't see your average 20-year old young lady cloth in nude coloured undies twerking onstage for international viewing, do you? Well if you do see some, it would not be a lot, and probably some of them will even sue you for uploading a private video on YouTube.

Should that fact bother me? Hell, nope. 

Is it a good enough reason to Blog about it. Hell yeah! Why? Because it is funny. It's funny how some people (well ne-tizens for instance) reacted that it practically exploded the social media networks. It's not a game changer. It's a simple marketing scheme and people bought it. It is funny how we can all be manipulated to react and respond. B.F. Skinner was right. We are living in the world like lab rats. Come on, life is not all about the cheese.

At the end of the day, Destiny Hope got what she wanted. The attention she worked hard to get. And she will definitely give you the finger, oh, then again, her tongue. Carry on.

Oops, wrong insert. I meant this.

That's odd. I could swear they were different.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So It's 2013 ... Seriously?

Now don't give me that sorry look. There's nothing wrong with me. I just stopped writing. I have not ceased poking or bashing though. I am still at it. The only difference is that I stopped writing a Blog about it. (Along with a hundred others who I don't see in my updates anymore. Where the hell are these guys?)

I decided 2013 is worth writing about. After all, my generation has lived through almost a dozen predictions (as far as I know through YouTube) of the world coming to an end. For the hopeful Nostradamus wannabes, I bet your sorry asses are back to the drawing board recalculating the Mayan calendar. A big LMFAO to all of you! Like I always said, if I were God, I'd be so frickin' pissed off you are second-guessing my plans. I hate people second guessing me and I am not even a god!

Since so many people have been duped by this fearless forecast, including Hollywood producers who fell in love with the concept of crashing a meteor on the White House with a coloured Actor playing the U.S. President; well, what do you know? Obama is re-elected back in Office and life goes on! And the party goes on ... and on ...

Now let me tell you something serious. If people are so darn scared of the world coming to an end, how come I don't see any tiny bit of remorse from anyone who continuously abuses power or wealth; from rampant, useless massacres of children, drive-by shootings; or child molesters, rapists, women abusers, drug lords, corrupt politicians, "plutonomists" and greedy corporate raiders; and there is no let-up even on destructions of Mother Nature's resources and even senseless desires to expand regional or geographical territories? I can only imagine how wealth and power or drugs can badly cause callousness and fearlessness. It's tragic how the world's general population could only hope for the world to fall apart given the pains and sufferings from the hands of the co-inhabitants of this old planet. Do we have to peg a date when this will happen? Aren't we supposed to already know by sheer common sense, it can be any time now? The world is dying. Do you seriously need the Mayans or Nostradamus to tell you that? Grow up!
"There are facts in this world that still remain true,
We're born, we live, we die, we are through ..."

Monday, July 30, 2012

How To Run A Country ... To the Ground

I am not a political critic. In fact, I hate political critics. Except that a sad reality has dawned on me. There seems to be an apparent trend in the traits and qualities of this generation's global leaders. Hmmm.... and particularly Presidents.

I have had my fair share of having to be accountable to the King of Darkness, but that's another story. 

History has given the world a wealth of role models and icons of leadership. It is most unfortunate, for us lesser Gentiles, or what they call, "constituents"; that we have to live and suffer under the command of someone who would have been the better version of Alicia Silverstone in her 1995 iconic movie, "Clueless".

The democratic process allows idiots to run for public office. The electoral process allows them to win. What a f----' curse!

Where did we all go wrong?

I choose to hold myself accountable being a legitimate member of a society that disallows killing of another human being and other living species for that matter. Otherwise, I would be a world-renowned serial killer. Yeah, I wouldn't stop at just one leader. However, I also choose to hold myself in a higher moral ground. I would rather suffer temporarily than suffer eternal damnation.

Certainly, people who are elected and even appointed to leadership posts, need to embrace the basics and fundamentals of leadership. To choose to behave in whatever manner without caring, just because the post is attributed power; is unacceptable nor is it an excuse to violate all sense of decency and propriety. It is bad enough that some of these leaders are idiots, but to publicly affirm and display idiocy riddled with insensitivity, is definitely a winner (in terms of leading an entire nation to perdition)!

You see here, it is NOT their fault they are incompetent and inadequate. It IS our fault they got there in the first place. 

Our nation embraces Actors/Superstars or pompous soothsayers as leadership icons, with  mortifying confidence and belief that perhaps the Marvel Superheroes are real. And that it is possible that these fantasized heroes/ines will perform miracles such as alleviate poverty, eradicate corruption, provide an equitable life in a progressive economy and a peaceful, healthy, well-educated (at the least, well-informed) society.

When things don't happen (also said as leaders do not deliver) and the status quo moves from bad case scenario to worst, we bow our heads to pray for Divine Intervention. We plead that somehow, sometime, our leaders will make a little difference in the life of an average law-abiding, decent and moral citizen. But instead, natural calamities strike in an almost ominous way to purge the world of filth and mire (ridding the world of morons is mainly gravy). We even dare call these as "acts of God." 

It is ironic that this very country showed the world how a peaceful revolution can actually be a means for transformation; with the same irony, this very country blew her chance  for progressive change. "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose", the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Such a tragedy, c'est la vie!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's in a Hug?

I was dutifully doing back-reads on Posts I have missed and as part of my sanity check, I always check this Blog out. Muppets for Justice I am not prescribing you follow my lead by stalking this particularly odd Blog; as a matter of fact, don't.

To begin with, if you do not have the gift of fortitude, a gut laced with titanium, and a blood type boosted with Fluoroantimonic Acid or HSbF6, I suggest stay away from it. Like I said, reading the Addman is a routine sanity check. He makes me feel grounded and home. (pauses to wipe a tear)

But what is this? I digress. His penultimate post spoke about a provocative business proposition on HUGS. Somehow I knew that as a professional hug-ologist myself, I was not alone in this Blogsphere with this competency. That and I thought I would give a little primer on the history and power of hugs.

Allow me, please never ever underestimate and befuddle the meanings of hugs. This is very serious business.

  • The Fredo Fuggedaboutit Hug - Whatever happened to Fredo Corleone? This hug is associated with deep affection, a broken heart, death and is said to be totally sanctimonious. If confused, watch the Coppola Classic again. Non-gender specific hug.

  • The Hockey Puck You Hug - a sincere gesture of welcome between two allegedly adult men who enjoy the glorious sport of running after a small flat disk, whacking it to death, and all this is done to validate their testosterone brawn and force. Said to be a public display of deep affection claimed by users of this hug. Subscribed by males, generally.

  • The Palinski's Oblivion Hug - known to be used to incapacitate and dissolve the party being hugged to oblivion. Use sparingly as subjects of this type of hugs are no longer available to comment.
  • The ImaClubYouTillYouCry Elinburg Hug - originated by an Olympic hugger, Ivana Zelnikova Trump, this hug is vicious and clingy and said to guarantee lifetime satisfaction to women who for one reason or another, will need to deploy it. It was recently re-launched to the public for use upon advisement of excellent counsels. For the women who need to demonstrate this hug, don't hold back.

  • The "I Didn't Do It" Hug - a very common hug, but since a couple of decades ago has been known as the "Clinton" Hug; is often publicly demonstrated, openly and willingly composed for photo-journalistic significance. This hug has been with the world since the B.C. ages, but used so frequently and broadly that to this date, it still seems to have the same impact and result for what it was designed for. This hug is timeless, ageless and breaks down barriers of status and economic classes. Users of this hug are by and large still using it. As to why? Beats me. I am here to inform not to educate.

  • The Royal Hug - also known as the Unicorn of all hugs; mystical, enigmatic, unseen, imaginary and most likely non-existent. Her Royal Highness is just not into hugs.