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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I did not choose to call myself a "Babbling Basher" for nothin'.

Tell you what, here's a couple of items that I have listed totally random, Things You Can Live Without.

Are you serious? Noooo... I love to hoard!
I don't understand why WE choose to clutter our already messed up sorry miserable lives and screw up the only planet, so far, us humans, can survive in.

So breathe in and tread on.  I offer no lame apologies for hitting anyone straight with a head shot, particularly if you are designed and intended to be a chronic hoard-er. Some of these items in the list are totally "in your face"!
  • Exercise equipment. Hell yeah! Who are you kidding? It's bulky, useless, and honestly, either slightly used or practically, un-used. eBay it!  You can't believe how much space you can save in your flat. Are you still deluding yourself you bought this machine because it will work? Bwa hahahaha ... Grow up.
  • Disposable Items. From razors to pens to diapers to wash-cloths. Everything plastic and synthetic - laminated paper plates, plastic tumblers, plastic bottles, grocery bags.  Do you know how much damage they do to planet earth? And just because you are one big, freaky lazy bum, you would prefer to annihilate the planet because you're too fuckin' comatose to clean up? Have you heard of the concept of washing? Re-usable instead of disposable? Look, if you want clean water, invest in a water filter and see how much you can save in dollars and save the world!
A planet of plastic junk
  • Cable wires, electronic and digital thingies. What to do with your old consoles, game equipment, mobile phone cables, old CD or DVD players, old collections, etc.? Darn, that's not even a valid question.  Ditch 'em! After all, aren't your drawers and cabinets exploding with these bunch of useless crap? However, if you have plans on feeding your pet rat, since they love to chew on cable wires, that's another story. Perhaps you're a DVD connoisseur?  Then fine, at least purge them. Euro Trip is of course, a must-keep!
  • Clothes, shoes and jewelry. Do you feel you need all these trappings in your life? Last I checked, you only have two feet, two arms, two ears and ten fingers. If there aren't enough body parts to adorn and accessorize, grow another pair of arms and feet, then dream that you're the goddess Shiva! If the clothes don't fit no more (and this includes old baby clothes) why on earth are you keeping them? Try this, DONATE! Give them away. Try to visualize how many smiles this small action will ripple effect throughout the globe. Or are you going to argue that you're trying to keep up with the Kardashians? Bite me.
The 21st Century Addam's Family
  • Outdated kitchen appliances. Seriously? Did you ever use that Popcorn Popper and Popsicle Maker? Once? Twice? Never? I know some of you may find comfort and peace in the midst of kitchen clutter and mess, but give me a break! There is such a thing as "organized chaos." Listen ... Craigslist? Someone, somewhere, somehow ... those tools and implements will be meant to achieve its purpose.
  • Negative Energy. Why do you want to hang around with the doom-laden people? We all have our own share of troubles. Why anyone would love to magnetize and cradle these people in their life is something I can't simply rationalize. Debbie Downers and Sad Sids are useless and meaningless negativity. If you have the choice to surround yourself with colours of the rainbow, why opt for black? Get a grip or get a shrink, quick!
  • Old furniture. Fine, so it's an heirloom. (snort) Then have it assessed. It could fetch you a fortune. You could buy something you really need. But if it's just old, off-sync and totally useless in your place, why even think of squeezing it in? Sentimental much? Great, just construct another room with the heirloom as the centrepiece. Unfuckinbelievable!
  • Old Toothbrushes. 'nuff said. Just check your bathroom.
  • Another person to make us feel complete. Sometimes it just doesn't work that way. We should take responsibility for being the source of our own happiness. If the person you have imagined to make your life complete is the asshole you are living with, think again. You could be happier living single, but not necessarily alone and incomplete.
Awww... boo hoo hoo


  1. A lot of great advice! It has taken me a long time to figure out that last one. :)

  2. Other peoples stuff is crap. But mine...?

  3. Your last point, very well said.

  4. Haha! I could totally do without the Kardashian's! Good grief!