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Monday, November 21, 2011


"Abuelo, por qué dices siempre que algún día?" asked the little girl.

"Mi dulce niña, porque algún día te sabrá por qué.  Cuando llegue ese día, no es necesario hacer la pregunta." said the old man.

Well I think the day has arrived. When I no longer need to ask a question.

I always believed in someday, the sky will be bluer, there will be more trees in the forest, the waters of the world will be cleaner, and the universe rejoices as planet earth and its inhabitants have come to terms with peace in all of mankind.

But what have we got ourselves into? 

(The links on this post may contain footages that should not be viewed or seen for those who are sensitive, I suggest don't click.)

It is not my place to rant about Law and Order. However, not long ago, News flashed that stealing potatoes is not ONLY hazardous to your health. It is frickin' fatal! Kenya's Potato Thieves I have certain reasons why I believe some situations would require that Capital Punishment be executed. To be burned alive is absolutely something else.

Did you hear about the little 2-year old girl that was run over by a delivery truck, twice in China?  And it took a long time (an eternity!) before a good Samaritan pulled her out from the middle of the road to safety? The body of the girl was all crumpled up. She eventually died. Little YueYue (If you are a little bit sensitive, I have to warn you about the link, the video has been edited, to make it easier to digest. Honestly, no amount of editing can remove the taste of gall in your mouth when you see it.)

Remember the real cause? OWS
Tread carefully now, unless you want to be pepper-sprayed by some awarded Marine dude. Pepper Spray, anyone?
I hold the highest respects for men in uniform, my father and his father before him were all soldiers. But I'll be damned. They don't make soldiers like they used to.

My grandfather was right.
Someday I will stop asking questions why these things happen to people, why these things are happening in the world, why they never seem to get better.

I was honestly hoping that when the day comes that I have stopped asking questions is the day I know all the answers. I have stopped asking questions Grandpa.

Sadly, that "algun dia" has arrived. 

It is the day I have come to realize that whatever amount of compassion, understanding and selflessness we live each and every day of our lives in this world, something terribly wrong happens somewhere.  And it is not because I have failed to make a difference nor have you. Neither is it because people have gone to the dogs or worst. And definitely not because there is no good in the hearts of men.

I recklessly deduce, it is because we have all, one way or the other, lost one of life's free privileges, HOPE. Our trust that our someday is finite and we can make it happen.

I hope I am wrong because I want to be wrong. I never thought of myself as an incurable optimist.

At the moment, I tug on thin strings and would like to believe in what Coehlo once said, "the darkest hour of the night comes before dawn" and pin my hope for humanity in a brand new day.

The words of the wise, my grandfather in great company:

What is true of the individual will be tomorrow true of the whole nation if individuals will but refuse to lose heart and hope.
Mohandas Gandhi

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. Sometimes I think that the "practice" of medicine is just that - practice. But for what, or for whom? Do we ever get it right? Not in this lifetime. And I think that there are others who feel the same about what they do, and what they see around them - we fail so often. But sometimes, just sometimes we are reminded of what we can achieve, and that keeps us going.
    Just a thought, and what MLK said is very, very true.

  2. Oh Petite, there is no end to this question 'why'? I think its best to just do our bit, educate our children and the society at large to do their bit and go on. For if the Sun is still shining, there must be a reason to all this madness.

  3. There are 7 billion people in the world. It would be a bit boring if they were all nice. Unfortunately nice isn't as newsworthy as nasty and usually goes under the radar. If it were possible it would great to have a nice/nasty ratio meter on all screens around the world at all times. I'm an optimist so I'm guessing it would read about a million to one. Without nice winning we would have gone extinct long ago

  4. I loved the MLK quote. It seems like we, as a society, dwell so much on the negative. Like the good things in life are not held up examples. Perhaps that is a good sign. If the good things were not expected than would the bad things stand out so much? Maybe it is time to worry when we are not horrified and questioning why.

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  6. Thank you my friends for your comments.

    I still ask why and why not? And I am still hopeful of better days to come ... and I agree that the news media plays are news that breaks hearts and stirs despair. People buy despair, and I also ask why.

    Yeah sweety, when we have stopped asking questions, we have become so hardened we don't give a rodent's ass. And that to me is absolutely tragic.

    Cheers y'all.