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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Fashion Blog Post, The Day I Said Whut The Hell

I am not a design student.  And I do not pretend to know fashion like I know my real craft.  Nor will I claim that I know how it feels to work under the helm of Karl Lagerfeld or the likes of Vera Wang.  But I do have a passion for a couple of good things to wear.  I love me a good set of Manolos and Jimmys.  And an occasional Hermes (just the scarf), or throw in a couple of Ferragamo set of shoes and bag.  But I do not want to fall into the trap of putting up a Fashion Blog because I know my preferences and my colours because I paint.  I would never dare dabble into an area that I will likely fall flat on my face!
Welcome to Haute Couture

Based on 2006 statistics, (and by standards that is so primitive), there is an enormous, and growing, number of fashion and shopping-related Blogs: about 2 million, according to Technorati Inc..  The highly rated ones are categorized:

  • by WRITER'S EXPERTISE (defined as an insider or have previously worked with, an outsider or fashion critics because they have worked with and are dedicated consumers of fashion  , or aspiring insiders, still would love to have a crack to work in the fashion industry; 
  • by OWNERSHIP, companies in the fashion landscape or retailers; 
  • or THEMATIC, shoes, bag, accessory or jewellery, jeans or denims, etc..  Whether this be by price points or value-purchases, haute couture, street fashion or celebrity fashion.

Now if you can't do any of the above, why insist on a freak-show Fashion Blog when your fashion taste is ah ... err... between the ho-humm and ugghhh?  Why become a noob entrant in a highly cluttered landscape, where from what I have seen, to be heard above the din, you need to create an unarguable "niche'"?  Why?  Please tell me, for Pete's sake, what gave each of you the gall and the temerity to lamely post based on what you think is "cool"?  WTF!

Can you forecast Colour Trends?
I have seen a proliferation of Teen Fashion Blogs as of late wanting to be Followed.  Why?  I mean are you aware of the total number of Fashion Magazines that is just an arm-stretch away from the Bloggers of the universe?  Why will they read you?  Just because you take good photographs?  Or because Wiki defined FASHION as anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person?  This does not mean you can nor you should.  Why?  
Do I have to read your Blog to mix my casual wear into something like this?  And just because it's Spring going into Summer you want to tell me to go with cotton and light fabrics, and easy on the eyes colors that are bright and sunny?  But I already know that.  Common sense taught me that.
Common Sense Casual
Nothing personal against Fashion Blogs.
Well I do follow a few Fashion Blogs, a lady from Paris who takes gay Paris street fashion, an Italian lady into high fashion, particular shoes and bags, couple of Crafts Accessory Blogs which are absolutely timeless anyway.  But Teen Fashion Blogs?  
Well it's a free world, so Blog Away.  Honestly though, just say you love being a "fashionista"  because to say you are a Fashion Blogger is a false marketing claim.
Don't call yourself a fashion Blogger unless you can explain in my face the difference between tafetta and Thai silk; lame' and lace; appliqué and hand-crafted embroidery without using Google Query.  If you can't, why don't you just try to get a Drivers' License first?


  1. Excellent post!!! I nominate this as "required reading"... ;)

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  3. Awesome and so true. I get that you want to blog, but why not blog about what makes you special, not why you are a fucking clone.

    jamie (still unable to comment)

  4. Hi, good post but of course you knew that :)

  5. Absolutely Fabulous Darling as always.....

    difference between tafetta and Thai silk; lame' and lace; appliqué and hand-crafted embroidery

    He he I LOLed over that comment....peasants !!

  6. I guess I won't call myself a fashion blogger. I'd have to whip out the Googler to tell you the difference.

    Time to take the old blog in a different direction.....oh wait....I never tried to pass myself off as a fashion blogger.

  7. "Do I have to read your Blog to mix my casual wear into something like this? And just because it's Spring going into Summer you want to tell me to go with cotton and light fabrics, and easy on the eyes colors that are bright and sunny? But I already know that. Common sense taught me that."

    I love this part! But even magazines and such can sometimes be so dumb as to spell out obvious things like this... not just blogs!

  8. Fatuous Anility: hehe. You think this is worthwhile to blog whore on all the teen threads? I did. ;)
    Hello Lisha: Pakistani? Welcome to google-dom's Blogspot and my Blog.
    Jamie: I miss your smiles. ♥
    Alex, thank you, you're very kind. ♥
    Stell: That got you, eh? you snooty aristocrat! ♥
    Stafford: NO. Keep writing what you write. You're good at that and stay away from becoming a Fashion Blogger. :)
    T.F.: thanks for the comment. Now there you are, a Fashionista. A better claim at fame. ;)

  9. I can always and forever count on your posts to brighten my day...you made me laugh and I definitely needed that today!

  10. Haha. I'm glad you wrote about this topic. Hopefully, you'll get a lot of those teen fashion bloggers reading this. Should be required.

  11. I like this post .Its very nice thoughts on woman's fashion .

  12. I totally agree with you. There are numerous fashion bog writers that are sprouting for the past of couple of months. Some doesn't really know what fashion means.

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  16. I agree with you that being a fashionista is really different from being a fashion Blogger. Very funny that many people are claiming they are but don't know what kind of textile they are wearing.