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Friday, February 18, 2011


18 February 2011

Let me begin this by saying I am a proud member of the Generation X.  I do not hold any apologies if I was born in a household where we have this huge console made of wood, (note: as in "real" wood)  called the television set.  Yes, it was black and white.  My Dad shortly thereafter bought a colored one due to my prodding and because I was always in the neighbor's house, watching TV shows in black and white on their "colored" TV.

The PC was not yet in every desk top, ergo, Mr. Bill Gates has not fulfilled his vision. 

John Travolta was still a dancing heartthrob and not your character actor facing-off with Nicolas Cage.

Back then, the term FACEBOOK was a non-word.  A book face is considered the front cover artwork of a book.
If you wrote down or actually said:  BRB, TTYL or TMI;  people will ask you if these are new company acronyms or something is terribly wrong with you; and it is likely a toss up between dyslexia or a written expression disorder.

But as a proud member of the Gen X era, I can play Resident Evil 5 without squirming; I can Blog, I use technology to enable and aid me in my communications and in my work (albeit I will not allow myself to be trapped by it), I understand the Game Mechanics of DotA;  I am a real mean Pokemon Player and have graduated to the Maximum Level by using only ASH as my player and if I don't need to give you a voice call, I can easily switch to SMS.  

However, despite my flexibility and adaptability to the trends of 21st century pop culture, including Gen Y's fixation on emo-goth expressionism, gayliners, metrosexuality, retro-fashion, remakes,  even the nauseating Beavis & Butthead MTV humor, I  do have certain limits of tolerance.

This one here is just sheer abomination. 

I am totally not getting it.  As a matter of fact, I don't give a hoot if I'm the only one not getting it.   
What really gets my beef are media morons who label this display of insanity as cutting edge creativity!  Oh give me a freaking break!  She attends a Morning News show dressed as a condom, with matching horns,  to promote safe sex.  What the hell?

Fine, so they say Lady Gaga's unprecedented entrance was a milestone at the 53rd Grammy's. She was carried into the theater in an egg because she was incubating.  
Do succubus incubate? 
And she romps around to the tune of her latest single (gawd, now it's Number 1 in the charts! wtf?) "Born This Way".  Hell yeah, she was born sick if you ask me.

Now wait a second, that sounds like a Madonna arrangement.  Listen ... even the Prologue of "Express Yourself" sounds the same.  Hah!  Talk about cutting edge creativity?  Even my simple auditory skills can discern the similarity.  Gaga is a copycat.  I don't care if her claim to fame is to be reborn as the Goddess of Springtime in the NWO.  Who gives a crap?  A copycat is still NOT an original however unintentional.  Damn if I care.  Still a rip-off.

I seriously, seriously miss "talent".  Talent as in musical geniuses.  I am lucky to have caught a glimpse of musical talents of past decades that actually wrote poetry, added musical notes and arrangements and sang it without having to resort to outlandish gimmickry bordering on the occult just to get some attention.  

I miss music and musicality.  Music that cuts through generations.  My grandparents listened to it.  My parents loved it.  I swooned when I heard it, and sadly,  some of these pieces have been re-mixed with complete disrespect and downloaded into iPods to blare into eardrums ruining the harmony of the instruments.  Shame!

I miss the true icons.  No false claims.  No cosmetic boosters. Just plain leadership in their fields that stood above the din.  They are either dead, killed or has-beens because they don't make good marketing these days..

At least, I have the luxury of knowing what I miss. I am indebted to digital technology as this enabled me to listen and savor true and real music,  made by the creative musical geniuses of the 20th century; instead of feeding on this viral disease that plagues and damages the 21st century music industry populated by muddled and afflicted personalities.  


  1. I can imagine those horns on someone else...

  2. Well said Psycho! I've been saying, ever since Gawww Gawww came on the scene that she is just rehashing Madonna's persona.

    (I'm a proud Gen Xer also, as you might recall from some threads in "the shop")

  3. Like her music, not so much her shock style. Bah, whatever.

  4. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the comments. I just don't like pretentious copycats. Madonna had a great creative team behind her that helped re-invent herself CD after CD.
    Jamie, I stopped liking GAGA-vixen after Poker Face. Something snapped I think. Just my take.

  5. Ah, real talent. I miss that, too. I have a 16-year-old cousin who's always telling me about groups she likes, and I think they all sound terrible. Ha. But I think my parents probably thought the same thing when I told them that they just didn't 'get' the Smashing Pumpkins. I struggle with the 'it's all subjective' argument vs 'everything just sounds terrible' stance...because most of it just sounds terrible.

    And no, we don't know one another. Sorry for crashing your thread but I stumbled across your blog and enjoyed your post.

  6. Great post, Psycho. Being a GenXer myself (oh how I feel old!) I can understand where you are coming from. Every time a song comes on the radio my 5-year-old asks (n her oh so very cute voice) "Is this Ladee Gaa Gaa?"

    I want to throw up. I can't wait to get my tape deck (YES! I said tape deck!) fixed so I can listen to my mp3 player through the tape converter again.....

  7. I just had to youtube both videos (not that I doubted) and you are spot on.

    I do have to say she is one of my all time least favorite so called musicians. I can tolerate "some" of the music -very little of it actually. But I cannot look at the woman. She is just UGLY! ::shudder::

    I miss the days of Carly Simon, Carole King, Jackson Browne, Harry Chapin, Cat Stevens...the REALY musicians who wrote poetry to music. I want to hear a story when I listen to music!

  8. Dear Mr. Lonely Bookman,
    That being the case, thank you for crashing and leaving a comment. Appreciate it.
    Hello Onyx,
    Its lovely to see you. You should really give your little girl more choices of music to listen to. The peer pressure is gonna suck, but she totally deserves better than GaaaGaaa trash!
    Hello K.T.,
    You're being very polite, I consider her "fu-gly"! lol. My bad!
    Oh yeah Carole King and Carly Simon rocks. And they REALLY write music without having to go through the Cirque De Soleil route!
    Thanks for the comments guys! :)

  9. Just sort of browsing through here, you have some interesting posts. I hate lady Gaga, but she used to be really different. I was kind of surprised.


  10. Great blog psycho, I don't like the old music and Lady Gaga too, I love the new music.

  11. Madonna already did it Gaga, and she did it better. I think Gaga will be phased out soon, one can hope.

  12. Dear Miss Stefani Germanotta - unless you are the original Stefani (aka Lady Gaga) before your lobotomy, then I would have respect you more.

    Hi Amelia, I know. Rip-off!