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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Are You A Douchebag or An Asshole?

I insist, these terms are more than a matter of preference.  There is value in being able to differentiate what you are dealing with and how to deal with these creeps.  More often than not,  we all fall into one of these categories, some by choice, some by circumstances, others, by sheer genetics.

So which one are you?

And no, this is not a self-help post.  If you happen to be either of these class of creatures, then you are entirely on your own universe.

But what is an asshole, you ask?

An asshole - a person who is rude, arrogant, obnoxious, your boss, my ex-boss, a total dickhead, vile, loathesome, a megalomaniac and loving it; are just a couple of descriptive terms I can think of that may help you wrap your fingers around this type.  Sometimes, you use this to call out certain individuals, sometimes you hear this thrown at you.
But are you a real asshole? Are you the real deal?

Fearless examples:  Everyone at Fox News, Kanye West, Howard Stern, Jesse James, Simon Cowell, Jay Leno, most Nazis, Entire Cast of Jersey Shore ...

Moving on, you may not actually be an asshole, you can probably be a douchebag.

A douchebag - is someone who has surpassed the level of being a jerk and an asshole; a person with an ego bigger than a zeppelin, full of himself/herself, generally behaves like a stupid moron and is absolutely clueless about it;  definitely not an asshole.  

Famous douchebags:  Cristiano Ronaldo, Justine Bieber, members of various Boybands and their screaming fans, Charlie Sheen, hmmm... John Mayer, Tom Cruise, Sarah Palin ... 

Assholes often call people douchebags, the douchebags care little about the label since they are dumb as fuck to know what it means, whilst, the assholes are certainly proud to be assholes.

How do you deal with this freak show?
  1. Ignore.
  2. Ignore.
  3. Laugh at them or make fun of them.
  4. Ignore some more.
  5. Set them on fire.


  1. Laugh at them or ignore them depends on if they are funny or creepy.They don't care so that is why it's okay :)

  2. If this isn't required reading - it should be! ;)

  3. Such a simple solution to fix peoples problems. Set them on fire. =]

  4. C'mon! You're telling me it isn't possible to be a douchey ass?!

  5. Love the Charlie Sheen pic:) Priceless.

  6. Just an update. Kayne West has been upgraded (?)to full blown douche bag now;)

    1. Oh hell yeah, I do stand corrected. Must re-post for purposes of keeping it fresh! Cheers love!