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Friday, October 21, 2011

What The Hell Are You On A Diet For?

Did you ever ask yourself that ii any of those ridiculous Diet Fads actually  worked, shouldn't the world be full of skinny people? And you'd probably be a skinny Supermodel without any visible cellulite?

NOT a fat, mean joke at all

So you are NOT a supermodel and cellulite is your middle name, let me tell you why your Serial Dieting is a sure FAIL!

First reason, as simple as can be.  Two words.  Think - SHORT TERM. 
DIETING is a very painful, albeit temporary solution. Sure you could shed off a couple of pounds, maybe 5-8 pounds in the first 2 weeks to a month. Well try backsliding into a thin slice of Apple Crumble for dessert and I guarantee, you will see yourself back in that iterative cycle! The yo-yo weight syndrome. Shame on you!

"What is a DIET"?

Second reason and I want you to be honest with your own experiences. 
All dieters are constantly hungry. I mean h-u-n-g-r-y! Some diets even prescribe mini-treats and sweets, since the concept of all diets happen to be the calorie intake, not the calorie burning. So chronic dieters do fasting which is the most ludicrous of all. Sure you lose some, and gain more. haha


So you fast and you starve, and reason number three is the consequence of the ridiculousness of the first two, you tire easily and succumb to fatigue and lethargy. 
Well, what did you expect? That your diet will make you euphoric? Seriously?

I am just sick and tired of hanging out with girlfriends who are chronic diet disasters. They coo and whimper,"Oh I can't have that, please, that's 980 calories a mouthful"! Dumb bitches. Diets can make your brain fart too, y'know!

Do you know  that diets cannibalize muscle mass? Yes, your body eats itself! 

 “Diets tend to pay too little attention to supporting muscle mass during periods of caloric restriction. This is important for more than just aesthetic reasons. And when you lose muscle, your basal metabolic rate drops, and you don’t burn as many calories. Most guys try to burn off the fat first and then build the muscle. To do that, you have to lower your calories so far that you don’t have the energy to train hard in the gym. You burn more muscle than fat, lowering your metabolic rate and setting the stage for weight gain..."
Yeah, all that mumbo jumbo loosely translated means:

You eat too little. Your metabolism gets retarded. You lose energy. = You look emaciated and ugly.

You see here, I am not suggesting that each day you pig out and go on a food binge. 

Life is all about balance. And the same can be said about trying to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I say lifestyle, not a phase or period.  Lifestyle tends to last a lifetime, not a season, nor just 21 days.

You can only do that by consciously deciding and choosing to live healthy.

If you have weight problems, consult experts on nutrition, fitness and make time to do some simple exercises. 

Walking is good exercise. Walk your pet.  Don't have a pet?  Get one.

Just don't fall in love with the false marketing claims of Quick Fixes. You didn't gain all that weight and body mass quickly.  There's no reason why you should be able to shed them off quickly either.

Plus, remember the principles of chemistry and physics

With certain ages, everything tends to be slower. And gravity will always pull you down!

The next time around I hear you calling out, "Oh I'm on a diet!" ... 

Allow me to end your miserable life and introduce you to the most fail safe life-changing people I know ... Mr. Smith and Wesson.  


  1. An additional, unavoidable fact - one pound of fat (yes one pound) stores 3500 calories. Just think about tat.

  2. The diet industry largely makes most of it's money off failure, After all, if you lost the weight and kept it off they are down a customer. Yoyo diets are big business. And of course the "Results will vary" allows them to show their few "successes" for poster children swearing it works.

  3. Great post PB. There are too many diets out there to chose from. If we all just get back to the basics and eat right and exercise regularly, even if you walk 50 feet then we'd all be better off.