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Saturday, May 21, 2011

From H1N1 to Zombieland - WTF?

Just in case you haven't heard, whilst you were sleeping (no, not Bill Pullman) here is what I mean by, seriously now? 
Okay, allow me.
As an enthusiast of Resident Evil (including all Director's Cut versions), I am pretty much the kind of girl who finds killing Zombies as a rockin' pastime.  But honestly, don't you just find it truly heart-warming that should there be an outbreak of pandemic proportions of the T-virus, the CDC is 200% behind the thorough study and ready to provide technical assistance for the rest of the world?  Now, how cool is that?
Disaster preparedness has been elevated to a whole new dimension and my favourite villains have risen to become what once was an urban pop culture legend, to a possibly all too real nemesis of the living humans.  Who would have thought this possible in my lifetime?  
Back in the 1960's, there was once a film director by the name of George Romero.  He made a movie that has become such a pulp fiction epic during that decade, The Night of the Living Dead, which has inspired a lot of the zombie aficionados like myself, to live and breathe survival strategies in case of a Zombie attack.  (I just had to put that in as a display of reverence to the guys who started it all!)  The T-virus was once upon called an Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome, yeah, the zombie virus has a name.
Now a bit of history, ZOMBIE, is of Haitian and Voodoo origins; nzumbe is a term used to describe an individual who has been hypnotized and yet ambulant and responsive to external stimuli albeit devoid of his own consciousness and awareness.  The rest of the gross and grotesque imagery I trust could be attributed to lack of sleep and simple food deprivation.
Seriously, I would have never guessed, not in a billion gazillion years that my skills from level to level, purchasing upgraded weapons from my adorable Merchant, would eventually be considered a life survival skill.  I so totally rock at this!  And whilst we are on the subject, let me answer that nagging question you have in your mind at the moment.  YES!  A head shot with a sniper rifle is highly recommended.  If you're brawny and massive, a baseball bat with a batting average of Ty Cobb is not bad, and a handy, user friendly chainsaw.  Why a head-shot? Again, the history said, hypnotized.  So what is the best way to snap you out of a trance or an endless stupor? Cut the freaking head off,  right?

Having said all that, you don't need to stack up on goodies.  Water is just about enough for you.  Lean and mean.  Looking totally hot is gravy.  

If the blood and gore spook you, (and if you're still alive whilst you are reading my post,) I suggest you start with the basic Lessons on keeping zombie attackers at bay.  I recommend practicing on basic planning and tactical skills.  Plants versus Zombies would be a good launch pad for your newbie status.
Please don't misconstrue that I am trivializing this disaster.  If the CDC said so, then it is highly possible.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with understanding how to survive in the world nowadays.  There were birds and swine creatures, all innocent.  Only to be told that they were carriers of deadly viruses.  I am so glad I was prepared for that one.  I had read "To Kill A Mockingbird" early on.
I am just really here to give you all a word of Warning.  As they say, forewarned is forearmed.
Now let's go kick some freakin' zombie asses!


  1. The only real zombie training I have is black ops zombies o.o

  2. Hey PBB, What are your favorite zombie movies? I loved Zombieland. I also enjoyed 28 days later. Those fast zombies were pretty intense.

    I actually started a zombie novel but got side tracked by another writing project. Maybe some day I'll get back to the zombie novel.

  3. Hey Tormented angel, your training in black ops is a pretty good prep for a zombie apocalypse. I am pretty sure you got all the basic required skills set. Rock on!
    Hello Stafford, thanks for the follow and commenting. I enjoyed bot Zombieland and 28 days Later. Do you know that there is a sequel, I watched it too? I started my fascination with killing zombies when I saw that old movie classic of George Romero. It kinda stuck there and it's been a fascination. So when they came up with Resident Evil, it became an addiction, rest is history. lol. Will look forward to your zombie novel. ☺

  4. Now I have browsed stuff from both of your blogs. You write morer gooder than most. Thanks for the advice, and for perusing my blog as well. "Sean of the Dead" for my money. or the "Evil Dead" Trilogy.

  5. I'm all prepared for the Zombies to come =D

  6. off topic: i played plants vs zombies,,lol..