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Friday, May 20, 2011


I am linking this Post to a great and amazing woman!  Kim of MY INNER BITCH.
Kim made a powerful Blog Post on this. (Blog Link and Same Post title)
For some of you who don't follow Kim, she lost her beautiful and wonderful sister, Kay Marie in 2010, due to Domestic Abuse and Violence.
So don't let this happen to you!


If you want to look up an earlier Post, another Blogger LfcLoads' Interview with Kirsty; her insights and thoughts growing up in a home environment of substance abuse and domestic violence.


  1. ~~Dear, pro-activist Basher,
    thank you for bringing MORE awareness to the epidemic of domestic violence. 1 in 4 women are being hit, punched, demeaned, slapped, belittled & emotially abused every single day.
    Awarness is POWER.
    You are one of my angels.
    love love love.

  2. Thank you for sharing this... we need to teach our children it is not OK to hit or verbally abuse a person. We must remind our friends it is not OK to accept being hit or verbally abused. Life means something and domestic violence has no place among life.

  3. Hello Dear Kim,
    It is a lifetime crusade. Not all our sisters in the world have the inner strength, and I know you know that only too well. I am honoured to be on the extreme right wing of this movement.
    Dear Tracy,
    Thank you. and you are SO right. it starts at home. Spread the word.
    Love you ladies.♥

  4. I think this is a very poignant post. Women should not accept domestic violence as a way of life. Not only does it squeeze out all joy and meaning in life, it conditions the children also to accept domestic violence passively. I hope many women and men too do their bit to spread this awareness and go out of their way to stop just injustice and shame to all of humanity.

  5. I speak as a physician, not particularly a male physician, but the issue of domestic violence really hurts. It hurts the one affected, it hurts her children, it even hurts those of us in medicine, who too often have turned a blind eye on the problem - only to have it come back at us in an even more miserable state. If there were one thing I could say to the victims of domestic abuse, it would be to speak up, no matter the cost of speaking up, it is less than the cost of not speaking.

  6. Thank you JM, I still can't believe how such cruelty is ignored and de-prioritized.
    And Drachma, it is wonderful to hear a voice of support from a man and from a medical professional at that. thank you!