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Friday, October 18, 2013

Miley's Twerking Balls

It is close to 60 days now, post that controversial and much ballyhooed VMA Awards performance of tween icon, Ms. Miley Cyrus.

What's my piece on it? Absolutely nothing.

I was just having a casual conversation with some girlfriends a couple of days back. And you know how we girls love to talk about anything. Technically, we just love to talk. Sometimes simultaneously and incessantly. And covering expansive breadth and depth in 10 minutes.

Until one of the girls quipped, "Did you see Miley Cyrus? What the hell is wrong with her?"

I could have chosen to ignore that question since I don't give a wet monkey's ass about Miley, but like I said, it was loose talk, y'know.

So I responded rather dryly with; "Y'mean besides being the fugly version of Billy Ray?"

I realized she was referring to the 2013 VMAs (and if you happened to have missed that, you can catch a re-run on Animal Planet, #matingbaboons); I found that our conversation has moved from irrelevant, like comparing a horse's dung  to cow's crap; to totally inane: Miley Cyrus.

Inset shows Taylor Swift's reaction (Dafuq?)

I took the unpopular stand of saying I did not see anything wrong with her cavorting and twerking onstage, nor did I find her stripped naked and licking irons of any particular import in her latest video aptly titled, "Wrecking Ball".  Ergo, the conversation progressed to animated debate.

Screen capture from music video

My point being, unless we will consider ourselves idiotically expecting any better, Miley is a Hollywood by-product. Born within the decade of selfies; social networks that can bully people to commit suicide; a generation that believes they can't be wrong because they know everything; Disney-bred and all that jazz. I mean, if by any lame chance you expected to see an Audrey Hepburn up there, surely you are not of this planet. Seriously? Did you?

It is unfortunate that some parents, mothers included, encouraged their young girls to idolize Disney's "Hannah Montana" and dreamt their babies will grow up to be as rich and possibly as sick as the actor playing it. 

There's nothing wrong with the kids, yet there is something completely wrong somewhere in the parenting. It was a Disney TV series role and that's about the beginning and end of it... just a role. Perhaps what the audience is seeing now is the real Miley Cyrus, her artistry, her music, her soul. Yes, it is rather disconcerting bordering on creepy, but Miley Cyrus isn't Hannah Montana.

Of course there is something totally warped about how Miley (whose real name is ironically Destiny Hope, har de har har snort snort!) turned out to be from that little girl growing up in a farm somewhere in Tennessee. You don't see your average 20-year old young lady cloth in nude coloured undies twerking onstage for international viewing, do you? Well if you do see some, it would not be a lot, and probably some of them will even sue you for uploading a private video on YouTube.

Should that fact bother me? Hell, nope. 

Is it a good enough reason to Blog about it. Hell yeah! Why? Because it is funny. It's funny how some people (well ne-tizens for instance) reacted that it practically exploded the social media networks. It's not a game changer. It's a simple marketing scheme and people bought it. It is funny how we can all be manipulated to react and respond. B.F. Skinner was right. We are living in the world like lab rats. Come on, life is not all about the cheese.

At the end of the day, Destiny Hope got what she wanted. The attention she worked hard to get. And she will definitely give you the finger, oh, then again, her tongue. Carry on.

Oops, wrong insert. I meant this.

That's odd. I could swear they were different.


  1. Yeah. Umm. I am going to have to look up this twerking thing although I'm pretty sure I could live the rest of my life without knowing and be perfectly happy. ;) Good read as always. It's a shame what money and fame can do to a person...

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