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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did you say Lace, Retro Seventies, Again?

Goodness, we are back where we started. And I thought I could honestly get rid of those neon colored eye poppers, and I find out that I need to keep that to be trendy this year.

What in the world could Marc Jacobs and Derek Lam be thinking? The '70's period had its fair share of hits and misses.  But I guess even then, fashion victims galore had head-on collisions with the Age of Aquarius.

In the next several weeks, either you get oohhs and ahhhs as you walk by, or you can get the usual, “what the –“ is she thinking?

 "Okay, what are you looking at?  Where did I go wrong?"
"Well, tell you what?  You can only look but you can never be like me!"

"Oops, it can’t be that bad, or is it?"

Okay, women of the 21st century fashionista trends, let's break down this baloney submarine sandwich into meaningful, chewable little bites.  

Based on my take of the forecast, the 2011 KEY LOOKS can be simplified into a basic principle, even Justin Timberlake has ushered the scenario in 2006.  Check out his video, the man knows his fashion. (That lucky Jessica Biel, an androgynous beauty.  Fine, I’m just seething with envy.)

So for 2011, it’s all about "bringing sexy back" in terms of glam, a la '70's with sheer, high slits, macrame’ and lace in bold color.

In order to be not as panic stricken, I brought myself back to the comforts of the Fashion Icons of the seventies and how this look is completely effortless, painless and relaxed.

The bold colors and lines of Goldie Hawn,

with that unmistakable naughty smile even a Kate Hudson can't hold a candle to; 

the baby doll dress with a revealing up to the navel neckline.

(Practical tip:  I don't suggest anyone should dare wear  this neckline type if you are beyond the Double CC to D cup or have had some kind of surgery and you tend to scar.  Well if you're a C Cup and you have proved the Principle of Gravity to be wrong, then go right ahead!)

Totally chic and glam without looking like it took 4 hours to put this ensemble together, who could forget this '70's icon Ali McGraw of the Love Story fame.  Where do you want me to begin? (touche')

Macrame' headpieces, it was  like the "in" thing to accentuate.  I can imagine that accessory elsewhere, the neck, the tote bag, anywhere your mood takes you.  I will probably use that as oven mittens, in case of emergency.

Ahh, the lady is not a tramp.  Sheer elegance and classiness.  Some can only wish to be a bit like Faye Dunaway.  That piece of chemise dress she's wearing is as timeless as her beauty and bearing.  Sheer and soft without looking garish or tacky.  I can imagine wearing something like this in a Corporate Board Meeting, but totally covered with a knee-length overcoat.  Just a thought.

And even when Ms. Dunaway aged a bit, she still had the inimitable X-factor.

These ladies had what it takes to swing the seventies fashion, with a few tweaking here and there, the glamor is totally back for 2011.  

Every designer in the world has agreed to some fundamental elements that will characterize the 21st century retro '70's.  And surprise, I have simplified the rules for us Gentiles.

Here's my take:

a. Bold Colors

¨     Feminine yet eye catching bright colors.  Play with all colors and hues of neons to citrus shades.  Don't worry about skin tones, who cares, just dare.  If you're the type who worries too much about the color of your skin and your wardrobe, try going naked.  It will save you a lot of money.

b. Prints play an important role from geometric to flowery patterns and for the bolder ones, snake skin.  Don't wear an albino python on your neck, does not make much sense to me.  I totally love geometric designs as prints, it's a welcome "cheat print" for people who know their basic shapes and size rules.

c. Lines
¨     Minimal whether tailored or flowing
¨     Draping meaning cover it but let it cling and here lies the challenge.  "Clinging" means your clothing shapes along your curves.  If you're angular, go back to Rule on Prints.  Hahahaha ... or go tailored.  If you're Reuben-esque in shape, or as in wine, full bodied, I dare you!

d. Slacks keep the high waists belt, and boy am I so happy to have saved a few of that!  Check out the bottoms ... it's wide and bell shaped.

e. Denims a lovely staple and MUST forever be a part of any survivor's wardrobe.  What to do with denims?  Anything.  cut it out, add studs, wear it with a bike jacket, accesorrize it.

Do you need to run to your nearest Bank to get some money and invest heavily on your new 2011 wardrobe?  Have you completely lost your mind?
Here's the deal, scrounge for the following things without having to pay a dime, in your Mom's, Aunt's, Cousin's, BFF's closet, and check out the following must steal:  a maxi dress, then buy a nice wrap around belt; lace up old clothes where it matters, use the cut and paste trick; steal a pair of old bell bottoms jeans from your dad and be creative with it; use your old school girl shoe with tassels, it'll be a hit!; remember your old hot pants or work out jumpsuit? Well if you can fit into it, wear it; cropped tops is still totally in, so go ahead, find your good old huge tee and crop it; if you have an old dress that needs spicing up, tail hems is a forecast, so you can cut up the front and have the back side longer.  Now who ever said looking totally trendy has to cost you a couple of thousand dollars?

To prove my point, revisiting the 60's and '70's is just a matter of blinking.  Look at this:

I could swear I saw that in the Spring forecast of Gucci for 2011.

Oh photo credits goes to Tumblr, RYUJI SHIOMITSU; Frockology Blog;  Hollywood  Photo Galleries. My privilege to borrow your collection.

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  1. ha ha Petite caught, gotcha well done an so true I knew your inner fashionista was there somewhere waiting to blossom.