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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rainy Days Don't Mean You Should Look Fugly

DISCLAIMER:  This is NOT A Fashion Blog.  It would look and feel like a Fashion Blog.  Even sound like a Fashion Blog.  But I swear it's NOT!  If you insist it is, people are entitled to their own opinions and perceptions.
I have noticed that when the rainy days come, people swing between the broad spectrum of either a walking nightmare or a garbage bin on two legs.  I can only rationalize it that perhaps people tend to be generally too lazy and lethargic to fix up, (well people with innate hygiene problems are not included here) or too off-season and dolls up instead.
I want to talk about the nightmares that I come across usually attendant with the heavy rains.  No we are not talking about mushrooms.  I have a list of the most Annoying Rainy Days Mistakes in terms of visual appeal and common sense.

How can you smile?
Leather Boots - are you serious?  Fine I know they make you look and feel sexy.  But what if you accidentally walk into a puddle and get these glorious things wet?  Try smelling your feet when you take them off.  I can go on and describe this sensation vividly and graphically, but you catch my drift?
Leather everything - whether it's a jacket, or a skirt or pants, try getting them wet.  The consequences are written ^ up there.
Sun-dresses - I hear you, rainy days can be rather gloomy and sad, but do you really think wearing your sheer floral sun-dress is making a statement?  It probably is.  It is saying I have totally lost all sense and sensibilities crossing the Sahara during the height of summer.  You can splash a little colour on your look, but does it have to be your favourite summer dress?
Heavy Suits and Bulky Sweaters - Sure it can be a bit chilly.  What I don't get is when people like to walk around like the Pillsbury dough-boy.  Can we at least be a little realistic and try to avoid looking like an over-stuffed, with everything on it, Burrito?  If you are not a Size 0 - 2, please don't bulk with layers!
Sky High, Cigarette and Stilettos - Yes even Dior can make a mistake.  Not everyone walks in a ramp.  Unless you are Beyonce' who walks around with 5 mutant bodyguards and gets to walk 3 feet away from her car, just DON'T! If you have never broken a bone in your life and never been embarrassed sliding or falling flat on your face and buns, just don't. I don't care how short you are and chubby.  don't add stupid to the adjectives that will be used to describe you.
Are you serious?
Cute Umbrellas - I would like to think you choose protection from the sun (a parasol) or protection from the rain (a real umbrella). Why would anyone want to look like they are just here for a photo opportunity?  What the hell?  If the umbrella can't even cover your shoulders, then just use it to swat the flies!
Heavy Make-Up - I don't have anything against colours on the face as much as I am a skin care fanatic.  But the rains and the shifting humidity can inadvertently affect your skin's quality to retain the right amount of moisture and oil.  This would lead to accidental and unintentional emo-goth smeared look for the fortunate ones, and for the unfortunate ones, you just look really look like a slob with cheap make-up on.  Others would conclude the Rapture did happen and the Zombies are out on the streets.  Sue me.
You know what?  I am just human.  I am just being honest. I sometimes yield to the pressure of laughing at these visual disasters and I occasionally oblige myself to join with a couple of like-minded bitchy friends to demean these "victims" behind their backs while we sip coffee and snap photographs to upload on our Blogs and web sites.  

Please give yourselves a break.  If you don't know how to look decent on rainy days or sunny days, then don't go out at all!  Stay in your cubby-hole or your little corner of the world and do not allow to give people like me, a chance to belittle your lack of common sense.  Please.  I am trying to really be a good person.  But what the? 

On second thought, the coffee wouldn't taste as good without the spice of other people's lack of taste.  Just sayin'.  La dee dah ...


  1. La de dah
    Good post Petite
    Why people cant get a leopard print 1950,s rain coat with a cinched belt is beyond me, matched with round toe kitten heel rubber boots, with a sturdy Burberry umbrella, a light dusting of mineral powder and smear proof bright red lippy PERFECT....
    Sigh no brains
    PS: Yellow gum boots would be nice too

  2. hahaha.....classic..
    When I'm in the city I sometimes resort to leathery boots in the rain, but only cos their waterproof, so they're just about my only pair of shoes that keep the stuff out! (I don't have many...)
    When I'm at home it's usually wellies. (and trainers in town, I know, terrible.) But that's because it's usually raining here anyway, half of the garden is a swamp, and where I live nobody really cares, and I think the local fashion sense is probably about 20 years behind everyone else. Anyway, wellies are cool. ;P And I do make an effort if I'm going out.

    @Stell, I love leopard print!! Snap!

  3. Gum Boots rock! It comes in lovely prints and colors now. Even leopard prints. =)

  4. Thank the good lord that I don't fit into any of those categories! Great post PB.

  5. Funny post. I hope I don't ever fit into any of those categories. ;)

    ...said Adult Student

  6. I don't look good in rain or shine, so to me it doesn't matter. Great post, though.

    Oh, my New Year's resolution: Look better... rain or shine.....

  7. That was written with exceptional humour and insight & I am still laughing!

  8. Funny post. I hope I don't ever fit into any of those categories. ;)

  9. Thanks guys. Written with the intent to make you smile.
    And since I have come out of the closet, I am a fashion blogger. hahahahaha ♥