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Monday, July 30, 2012

How To Run A Country ... To the Ground

I am not a political critic. In fact, I hate political critics. Except that a sad reality has dawned on me. There seems to be an apparent trend in the traits and qualities of this generation's global leaders. Hmmm.... and particularly Presidents.

I have had my fair share of having to be accountable to the King of Darkness, but that's another story. 

History has given the world a wealth of role models and icons of leadership. It is most unfortunate, for us lesser Gentiles, or what they call, "constituents"; that we have to live and suffer under the command of someone who would have been the better version of Alicia Silverstone in her 1995 iconic movie, "Clueless".

The democratic process allows idiots to run for public office. The electoral process allows them to win. What a f----' curse!

Where did we all go wrong?

I choose to hold myself accountable being a legitimate member of a society that disallows killing of another human being and other living species for that matter. Otherwise, I would be a world-renowned serial killer. Yeah, I wouldn't stop at just one leader. However, I also choose to hold myself in a higher moral ground. I would rather suffer temporarily than suffer eternal damnation.

Certainly, people who are elected and even appointed to leadership posts, need to embrace the basics and fundamentals of leadership. To choose to behave in whatever manner without caring, just because the post is attributed power; is unacceptable nor is it an excuse to violate all sense of decency and propriety. It is bad enough that some of these leaders are idiots, but to publicly affirm and display idiocy riddled with insensitivity, is definitely a winner (in terms of leading an entire nation to perdition)!

You see here, it is NOT their fault they are incompetent and inadequate. It IS our fault they got there in the first place. 

Our nation embraces Actors/Superstars or pompous soothsayers as leadership icons, with  mortifying confidence and belief that perhaps the Marvel Superheroes are real. And that it is possible that these fantasized heroes/ines will perform miracles such as alleviate poverty, eradicate corruption, provide an equitable life in a progressive economy and a peaceful, healthy, well-educated (at the least, well-informed) society.

When things don't happen (also said as leaders do not deliver) and the status quo moves from bad case scenario to worst, we bow our heads to pray for Divine Intervention. We plead that somehow, sometime, our leaders will make a little difference in the life of an average law-abiding, decent and moral citizen. But instead, natural calamities strike in an almost ominous way to purge the world of filth and mire (ridding the world of morons is mainly gravy). We even dare call these as "acts of God." 

It is ironic that this very country showed the world how a peaceful revolution can actually be a means for transformation; with the same irony, this very country blew her chance  for progressive change. "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose", the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Such a tragedy, c'est la vie!


  1. I don't know about it only being presidents our Prime Minister got a majority government with less than 40% of the vote.... try to figure that one out. I think it is time for most countries to really look at how these assholes are getting in. Maybe time to adjust our processes.

  2. Ha! So true!

    I think we are due for a change!

    Kim M.

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