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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So It's 2013 ... Seriously?

Now don't give me that sorry look. There's nothing wrong with me. I just stopped writing. I have not ceased poking or bashing though. I am still at it. The only difference is that I stopped writing a Blog about it. (Along with a hundred others who I don't see in my updates anymore. Where the hell are these guys?)

I decided 2013 is worth writing about. After all, my generation has lived through almost a dozen predictions (as far as I know through YouTube) of the world coming to an end. For the hopeful Nostradamus wannabes, I bet your sorry asses are back to the drawing board recalculating the Mayan calendar. A big LMFAO to all of you! Like I always said, if I were God, I'd be so frickin' pissed off you are second-guessing my plans. I hate people second guessing me and I am not even a god!

Since so many people have been duped by this fearless forecast, including Hollywood producers who fell in love with the concept of crashing a meteor on the White House with a coloured Actor playing the U.S. President; well, what do you know? Obama is re-elected back in Office and life goes on! And the party goes on ... and on ...

Now let me tell you something serious. If people are so darn scared of the world coming to an end, how come I don't see any tiny bit of remorse from anyone who continuously abuses power or wealth; from rampant, useless massacres of children, drive-by shootings; or child molesters, rapists, women abusers, drug lords, corrupt politicians, "plutonomists" and greedy corporate raiders; and there is no let-up even on destructions of Mother Nature's resources and even senseless desires to expand regional or geographical territories? I can only imagine how wealth and power or drugs can badly cause callousness and fearlessness. It's tragic how the world's general population could only hope for the world to fall apart given the pains and sufferings from the hands of the co-inhabitants of this old planet. Do we have to peg a date when this will happen? Aren't we supposed to already know by sheer common sense, it can be any time now? The world is dying. Do you seriously need the Mayans or Nostradamus to tell you that? Grow up!
"There are facts in this world that still remain true,
We're born, we live, we die, we are through ..."


  1. Can I get a "whoop whoop" for PB?
    Welcome back! And where the hell is everybody?
    I always said that the Mayans just ran out of ink and papyrus, hence the end of the calendar. But people would rather believe that the earth is about to be invaded or hit by aliens,zombies, a stray planet, a meteorite, monkeys with laser beam eyes...ok, I made that last one up. :)

  2. Hey! I'm still frickin' here. Mostly. Sometimes. Occasionally. 2012 is dead! Long live 2013!

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