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Sunday, March 6, 2011


It is the season of Awards.  The Grammy, the Golden Globe, the Oscars and if you haven't been online for a week, you still wouldn't miss the proliferation of awards moving around the Blogger's virtual community.

Above the din, however, I received something that is way different (this is not to discount all the other awards).  Jezebel gave me a Friendship Award.  A friendship award requires very simple terms, give it out to a Blog friend that has been helpful to you in some way.  It could have been a word of encouragement, a virtual hug, inspiration on totally "blah"  days, a technical help when you get your cables and wires mixed up, or anything that may have stood out and is seen as an act done by true friends.

Albeit similarly there are rules to abide and a pass-around Award Poster, I have decided to do this my own way (since I think this is a little bit of a personal choice), but I will follow certain steps that I think are attendant to recognizing a friend.

First off, I would like to thank my giver:  
Dear Jezebel - My heartfelt thanks and whilst we may be miles apart, I am absolutely thrilled that our paths have crossed.  Thank you immensely.

Secondly, let me tell you three (3) things about Jezebel.

  • Besides being able to play a variety of musical instruments, this lady loves to sing.  Proof is, she is in a band.
  • She loves green veggies - broccoli, spinach, peas and can practically survive her entire lifetime feeding only on beef jerky (not bad!) and Taco Bell.
  • And she is bisexual.  Now this one is pretty intimate so if you want deets, go talk to her yourself, okay?
Third, pass this off to people you believe touched your life in the Blog Kingdom, and you consider as a true friend.  Give them a poster to show off that you chose them.  

Note:  The original rule says Pass to 7 people, and if you get an award 7 times from 7 people, you have to contact 7ladybugz@gmail.com because you get something special.  So I guess I am not getting that.

I chose to design my own Friendship Award poster and personalize it.  To begin with, since this is my Friendship Award, I want to give them something that will remind them of me.  Now as the rule goes, you may choose to adopt my mechanics or re-invent the whole thing.  This is a free world.  But I would suggest you keep the spirit of friendship moving around.  It  is worth your time.  And if I chose you, may I request my friends to post this poster on your Blog or your Awards Page.

  1. Just Me 99 - Just My Stories.  JM99 and I are old souls.  And I truly believe even in previous lifetimes, we have been good friends.
  2. Legacy 2000 - I have only been Blogging actively for a little more than a month.  "Legs", I owe you big time for your vote of support for newbies like me.  You helped me through my first week of grappling at edges of strings in the Coffee Shop.  And whilst it may be strange to you, your work inspires me.
  3. Capricious Retch - it took me awhile to put together Anthony Geist and you.  Thank you for being one of my first followers.  Thank you for being a friend.
  4. Kimberly Marie - You have helped me and a lot more.  You're an angel.  Thank you for always lending out a hand.
  5. Biohazard - You suggested I go back to painting and even post my work.  I did. I tuned this passion out of my life for awhile, but now that I am starting again, I have never felt better.  Thank you.
  6. DirtyCowGirl - Because you rock.  And had it been another lifetime, you would have been the sister I never had.
Please accept this award because it means a lot to me and I hope it does to you too.

If you feel like passing on the original 7ladybugz Friendship Award design, here it is:


  1. As if I'd sue you for that, I'm feeling quite emotional now. Bitch.
    Charlies smutty angels rock :) xx

  2. Dear Psycho, I love the concept of this award. Actually I love any awards though I got a bit scared on reading some of Nitecruzr's comments on a thread, but this one rocks. Its too personal and you have added a more intimate dimension to it.

    I accept this with pride and will pass it on to my friends, you being top of the list.(Not out of any compulsion, but seriously).