Just Sayin'

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Signs of the Times

What the?
What an ass
Yeah, good luck
I dare you.


  1. These are all too real to me Psycho. I hate traveling and looking for road signs and sgns to places im supposed to meet someone...but mainly only do airport rentals to weddings and quickly back to my house nowadays. THe GPS has helped a little but I still get freaked out
    driving in states ive never been to before. And even being near any big city brings on a stress headache trying to figure out what sign goes to what lane:)

  2. Just WoW!

    And btw Psycho, I love the new look of your blog.

  3. Hey, actually i got confused with your other blog!

    Both rock!

  4. I like the Crocodile warning. I wonder how many dared. I am sure a couple of douche-bags would try.

  5. LOL! This made me laugh! Thanks for posting it, they're all really funny. The "good luck" one, haahhaha oh that's good!

  6. boy, those signs sure were helpful! i never thought of not swimming if you can't swim....

    and for the record, that cat in your sidebar just completely mesmerized me for a solid five minutes....

  7. Sometimes I think these odd signs were made to cut the boredom. But when you really need some logic, don't look at the signs. hehe

    Yes, and my cat can totally manipulate you. :D