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Monday, April 4, 2011

Report Abuse - Guy Hits Girlfriend

If this unfortunate event will ever happen to you or if you witness this kind of abusive behavior to any hapless and helpless women in the world, I suggest you report abuse and contact the authorities.  Sisters, please don't allow this to happen to you.  Believe in heroes!

Watch this.  


  1. Nice post, I thought he was really going to hit her....you tricked me lol. I'm glad it was a joke.

    Spiderman means serious business!

  2. That was satisfying to an insane, web-slinging degree :D Spiderman fixes everything.


  3. I fell for this hook, line and sinker. hahaha
    Nice and really funny.
    Spiderman is my hero.

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  5. april fools late trick! wow you got me too.
    We need people like this in real life.
    Nowadays, they sit by and watch or worse!
    You tricky devil you!

  6. Thanks guys. I just thought that Spiderman rocks and it would be damn shame not to share this.
    Glad that made you smile.

  7. hahaha this made me smile for sure!