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Friday, March 25, 2011

Because I Can (Awards Galore)

So I got me another sweet surprise from my friend Kimberly Marie.  You will find her here, and if you haven't followed her, that's such a damn shame.
It is another award which I have diligently included in my Awards Gallery that you can find here:
And for this Blog, you can find my Badges on the Sidebar that I also diligently update.
I reckon I would love to give a couple of my own, dovetailing from Kim's lead albeit I thought of giving some other type of awards to my own list of Blogs of Note.  There are no obligations to this, I just want to, so I will.

First off, the Blogs I read that provide a consummate source of insight and encouragement, I am honoured to give the INSPIRATIONAL BLOGGER AWARD to:

Marie, Kim and Nadya:  you should keep writing.  Your Blogs illuminate and elevates people souls.

Secondly, for people whose Poetry touches even the most cynical and jaded of hearts, I am honoured to give the PROUDLY POETIC AWARD to:

They have the gift of weaving words that touches your core.

Third, for a unique collection of arts, photographs and layout that are all well thought of and appealing, I am honoured to give the BEST VISUAL BLOG AWARD to:

Fourth, for the Blog fearless writers who don't give a rodent's ass what anybody thinks of what they want to write about and they will, and are very good at it, I am honoured to give the BRAVE BLOGGER AWARD to:
Fifth, for writing a merry mix of survival stories for women, generously sharing their wit, insights and experiences to fit all sizes and needs. I am honoured to give the LADY'S CHOICE BLOG AWARD to:

And just because they are totally awesome women I met in this Blog-land, I am honoured to give the GIRLFRIEND BLOGGER AWARD to:

I want to dedicate this Post to all these wonderful people whose talents and personal life stories they chose to generously share in the Internet universe; and for the lives they have touched, albeit unknowingly.  Cheers!  
I will consider your acceptance of these awards as a lovely birthday treat to myself.

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