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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Notice the bond between cats and women? I mean, seriously.  Do you see a lot of cats drawn to women and women drawn to cats? 

There is obviously a symbiotic relationship there somewhere.
A fairly recent study, published by Discovery News, was a research led by Kurt Kotrschal of the Konrad Lorenz Research Station and the University of Vienna.
They sampled 41 cats and their owners, videotaped them over lengthy four-part periods and analysed the interactions between  the owners and their cats.  According to the top-line results of the study, women especially seem to bond more strongly with their feline friends.

Whilst this may not come as a surprise to most cat-aficionado women, the study's key insights include a significant finding that has now been statistically and empirically  proven; that cats and owners strongly influenced each other in terms of behavior.  

To my reckless mind, I call it "imprinting".  Without really trying, cats control their owners behaviours and vice versa.  If you are a cat owner like I am, you will see a lot of yourself rubbing off on your kitty and on a reciprocal basis, your cat's moods tend to influence your mood too.
Imagine if you have a perennially hungry cat like I do. Visualize it, you're both nibbling endlessly.  Ain't it cool?
The whole relationship is based on reciprocity ... you offer affection and support and your cat will generously return it.
The research also found that women tend to be more affectionate and demonstrative of their feelings to their cats versus their male counterparts. And this brings me to my point.  There is something insanely complex about the cat's nature that perhaps only women can understand, as women are insanely complex creatures themselves.
Dogs are generally "people-pleasers", which does not speak the same for cats.  They can throw you completely off if they don't like you.  And if you step further into the boundaries of their "dislike", they claw!  Where do you think the term "Cat-fight" come from?  Women can be very "catty" when they fight.
History tells us that Men have always found the women's psyche to be extremely difficult to comprehend.  Wouldn't it make a lot of sense for men to observe cats and perhaps even own one to know how to please a woman?
If they seriously want to get a clue on what goes on in our complex minds, they should buy a cat.
I also found it quite interesting that men who are drawn to cats or are cat owners, tend to know how to return the affection and attention so many women crave for.  Look, I am not saying you should only go out with men who have cats as pets.   I just said I found this to be an interesting observation.  And I could be proven empirically wrong.
All I know is that my cat loves to have her hair touched and stroked.  She loves to be loved.  And there are days she refuses to have any of that.  Just leave her be.  She knows what she needs and when she needs it and how.  She really reminds me of someone I know.
Oh did I tell you yet that Anne Hathaway will be the new Catwoman?  I have always loved Michelle Pfeiffer in this role, but I think Hathaway will totally rock it!  Just saying.
Hathaway as Catwoman



  1. My Frenchman has a cat.
    That explains it. He does know how to purr.

  2. Everyone should get a kitten at least once! but that said, I love this adorable post about cats and women!. As a cat artist, i talk to a lot of women in emal about their relationship and cats. 95 % of my customers are women. Ive concluded that generally women are smarter and more open and honest than men. Most of y male customers have a hard time expressing themselves as far as their relationship with their feline companions, on the other hand, the women always surprise me with the subtle details in their interesting stories. I live with two lovely ladies
    Googin and Bronzilla (buc for short) Like people each so different and both wonderful friends, :)

  3. Thats sure a lot of notice..and i understand the relation of cat and women from your post very well..

    A wonderfully clandestine blog that you have got and equally amazing blogger name..!

  4. Thank you Trickie. Your Frenchman must totally rock!
    Hello Rivercat - somehow I knew you have cats. It doesn't really surprise me and I mean that as an honest compliment.
    Thank you Alcina for stopping over.

  5. I love this post! Most of my friends (most of my female friends, I should state) marvel at my relationship with my cat. It's a frequent topic of conversation, because, a few years ago, I would not even be considered a 'pet' person. But, one day, this stray cat just shows up at my doorstep and refuses to leave. I laugh because I was rather reluctant in the beginning, but he has become such a part of my life and we really do mirror on another's traits: eccentric but charming. I love him.

  6. This was an interesting read, thanks for posting :)

  7. first up: Hathaway has the ability to do the role justice, let's just hope she does. Michelle Pheiffer was a winner in my books too. Hathaway has a lot to live up to.
    Secondly, cats Rule! And they are such independent creatures. They think for themselves. But I wont judge those that have dogs, simply say that ti says something about you if you want someone to rule over.

    love this post!
    Love cats too!

  8. I loved Halle Berry as Catwoman but I think Hatheway will do well!

  9. What's funny is that each time I've seen a man with a good cat relationship, the cat is always...fat. Like, FAAAAAT. Do men have a tendency of overfeeding or what? XD Great post, btw. May have to follow you :)