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Monday, July 4, 2011

My MOST ANNOYING Series, Chapter 1

I thought I would come up with a series of Posts that would speak about the things that ANNOY me most, in varying circumstances.  Like the most annoying things people do on the road or in the mall; in public restaurants; on email; with their pets; or just plain annoying.
Part 1 will be devoted to things that ANNOY me most that people do on the road and morons who have a Drivers' License.

Here goes my top list of the Most Annoying Things Drivers/Morons do:
  • Drivers who tailgate.  (WTF? are you with me?)
  • Jerks who park and take two driving spaces.  (makes me want to take up "how to plant C4 and make it implode instead of explode")
  • Major creepers that inch their car slowly, slowly, watching out for the red signal to turn green, then BAM! They'll be way ahead of a pack when the light says "Go!" and they actually feel so special having done that! (One word:  Idiots!)
  • Driving slow in a fast lane.  (Just because they are stupid.)
  • People who talk way too loud on their mobile phones in restaurants, trains, bus stops, wherever ... notice that they mutate and increase in population? They're everywhere!
  • People who put their feet up on dashboards and car windows.  Ugh!  Several have really hideous looking feet, bur more importantly, it's totally uncouth and barbaric!
  • When you're driving on the road and a cigarette butt comes out of the window of a car and bounces off your car. (Grrr ... release the ammo!)
  • Road rage.  Directly related to zig-zag drivers on the free-way.
  • People who think double parking is a norm.
  • People who have never heard of the use of turn signals then they suddenly cut you off, even curse you or other drivers in the process! 
  • People who pick their noses in traffic.  They don't care how deep they explore and how unhygienic it is to see what happens next when they finally get the stubborn booger!
  • People sitting at a red light and stay there because they haven't seen the "red" light change to "green" since they are too busy talking on their cellphones or texting.  (Go to hell, fucktards!)
I am sure there a lot more you can add to this list.
Watch out for Part 2 - Annoying Things People Do in Public, or things people do that make you go, What The?


  1. Yes to your list plus, what about drivers who curse and give you the finger just because you are a lady driver and you happen to drive defensively?
    Then they speed away heckling at your driving skills when I swear I can beat them hands down in a serious race, not in the highway. Bastardos!

  2. yes, to all. I was just at the store and coming home you have to make a right out of the shopping center. (caution: this is boring) and this escalade in front of me wont turn ( it say right turn only) He wanted to go across the lanes in the street and then turn right and then make a left at the light. The problem was the cares were all stopped and he couldnt get through. This is a boring story but I am the type of person that would never do that! and its pretty common. I think they figure they are kind of making a right so its OK, but waiting behind them ticks me off!!


  3. Actually, here in Oklahoma, it's most of the drivers that behave as if they're on your list, so getting to work can be a really aggravating thing indeed. I normally have a longish fuse, so their aberrant behavior does not usually cause too much indigestion. But after a weekend on call, when I'm a bit short tempered anyway, I find myself muttering the strangest curses.

  4. Hello Trickie, I do quarter mile (illegally, hehe) and circuit racing. That is why I drive safe. I know what you mean, I reckon these guys are frustrated Formula One and Daytona drivers.
    River, some drivers just exercise their "presumed" rights on the road. I'd really rather shoot them.
    Drachma, I have never been to Oklahoma. I guess I would not last a day on the road without getting into a major and violet scuffle. Just sayin'.

  5. I notice that most of these are driving related. I just assume that everybody on the road is out to get me and it makes my life much less stressful.

  6. Hmm... that is such an interesting point flip. I will just about learn to shift my paradigm and make my road trips more relaxing.