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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My MOST ANNOYING Series - Chapter 2

I am just getting warmed up, y'know.  I want to rant about the things that annoy me most about people's behaviours in public places. There are days when I feel like just torching their sorry asses so at least there is something I can laugh about. You see here, it's not that I totally get annoyed all the time and I explode into flames. There are just days when it is very hard to ignore them.  
For instance, when eating or dining outside, I find these as the most disturbing things people do and other oddities that are annoying that you can easily spot, because they are just ...there:
  • People with really bad table manners and are noisy eaters. I was told about this in Kinder class when we used to play bubbles with our drool and soup. I never really forgot, but these people just totally did!
  • People who bite into large giga-chunks of food and chew these with their mouth open!
  • People who whinge and whine about their weight whilst you watch them devour pure unadulterated greasy meals, their mouth laced with coloured sauces and oil.  Just uggh!
  • Dining with an extremely "picky" eater.  I have also learned through some short stint with a hotel and restaurant business, that you MUST never be too picky and condescend on waiters that serve you. (Unless you know what is going on in the kitchen, never, ever dare!)  
  • People who take forever to order in a fast food counter, especially when I'm in the line of a queue that has grown to over 2 dozen irate customers!
  • People in dining areas who suddenly sneeze or cough without at least attempting to cover their mouth with a napkin or a tissue or even their hands.  It's just ewww! (Some attempt to cover their sneeze with their hands, but the dreadful thing happens when they wipe the slosh on their coats or pants! Good lord!)
  • Running out of toilet rolls and paper towels in a public restaurant's rest rooms!
  • Waiters/Waitresses who hold the lips of glasses before they serve it to you.  And I am scared of complaining because I know what they can do... arrgghh!
  • Customers who leave the door open when they are in the public loo.  Godawful!
  • Bad hygiene in a public loo.  'Nuff said.
  • "Excessive" PDA.  I mean "excessive", go figure!  This relates closely to loud and "vulgar" talk/speak - their voices are heard above the din and clutter.  I don't want to listen but I can hear it!
  • When the Cashier gives you the change in small bills and coins on top of the wad of bills.  It takes a moment to organize these back into your wallet or pocket and it honestly makes you look like a fool.
  • Bars where the music is way too damn loud, you step out of it with your ears buzzing and a sore throat.
  • I understand it is part of the whole training and marketing bit, but when someone recites TODAY's Specials to me and I have to particularly feign some interest. It is honestly downright tiring to keep a smile on my face.
  • Restaurants that have a Smoking Section about three steps away from the Non-Smoking Section.  The exchange of looks between the Smokers and Non-Smokers can start the Third World War!  What in the world ...?
  • Just when you thought you got the perfect spot in a dining area, you comfortably plop on your seat, breathe in, look around, and then the table wobbles!
I could go on and on, but I also don't want to torture myself with these thoughts so I better rest it.  Maybe next time, I will talk about Annoying House Guests or Annoying Habits of My Friends. Hah!  And the list goes on ...


  1. sneezing and coughing people who don't cover it are scary to be around, it should be against the law because it is dangerous in public.Arrest their asses.

    Where I live at we get in trouble for not covering our faces, because of germs.

  2. You have a lot of food related pet peeves. Yep...I'm with you on this...perhaps...even more weird-ed out by people than you!

  3. I'm loving the 'most annoying series.'
    Can't wait for you to do one about house guests, which we have all, no doubt experienced.

  4. You know, your picture of the monkey really looks like how I felt today. To say it was a bad day would be an understatement. It seems as though the world at large was out to get me.
    But then I read your post, and I thought maybe, just maybe we all have those days when everything someone does just gets under our skin, like some chiggers.
    Then I felt better.

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