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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Remembering Brianna Lopez: February 14, 2002 - July 19, 2002

I was casually reading and catching up on unread Blogs.  
Then I read Anna's post. My Angry Life where she mentioned a brief note on the short-lived life of baby Brianna Lopez. I immediately choked up again as Brianna's story never fails to make me sob and cry unashamedly.
If you have never heard of this little angel's tragic and sad life, you can read up a very short synopsis of this indescribable, heinous story of the evil of mankind with this link:
 Right In a Left World
In a couple of days, Brianna  would have been a lovely 9 year-old girl.  Except the world was just too wrong for her, too cruel.  I have yet to know of a baby so unloved; was never hugged or touched gently, that God decided to take her spirit right back because she did not deserve this world.  She deserves so much better than what we gave her. 
Abused, beaten, bitten and raped as a baby, she did not stand a chance.  If your heart is weak, I will spare you of the gory, appalling and disgusting details.  
But remember Brianna.  
Remember how cruel and evil we are as creatures.  Not humans.  Just creatures.  
Try to remember her and recognize your own darkness.  
Because only then will you know that you can embrace the light.
To the little angel that passed through the cruel hands of man, Brianna, you deserve to be free.

I wish you all love and Shalom!


  1. I have to admit PB, that I couldn't even read HALF of that article, it made me sick to my stomach.

    As someone who counsels children, some as young as 4, I'm only to aware of the evil that is within us as humans. what's galling is how do we stop such atrocities from happening and so far there doesn't seem to be any answers.

    Thanks for the post though. After I read it, I gave the lil man a huge hug and told him that I loved him. It's so easy to take our loved ones for granted.

  2. Yes, these stories make you long to hold your children and tell them you love them. So I do. Everyday. Several times. And pray for them. And hug them some more.

  3. Thanks Clay.
    Babies are babies. I still can't believe why they should go through so much pain and punishment from their own family.
    It's a sick world.
    Yeah hug them and love them all you can. Hopefully they grow up with more love and less hate.

  4. sad story. reminds me of the manson thing whrer they cut out the baby. i forget the detalis but it was sick likethat i think.

  5. Muy terible y tragedia. Thank you for the reminder. Very sad but great post.

  6. Oh, never heard of this before, but gave me goose bumps. The cruelty people have towards children I will never understand, or for that matter want to. I just hope that she received some justice, but knowing the court system, doubtful.

  7. poor girl..i just dont get the world anymore.

  8. Yes people can do the most unthinkable and terrifying things. It defies logic really or even a sound, moral fibre. There are people who can. The world is a victim, it's us, the people, the world's inhabitants that make it messy. The world turns in its axis every single day. It has not turned man wicked. We turned ourselves into wickedness.